Shipping by air is the most expensive method of transporting goods, but also the most efficient. Air cargo demand has recently been rising because companies are seeing it as the most economical option in the long run to reduce shipping costs. Delays are more likely to occur due to port congestion.

Logistic leaders have more in mind than shipping costs when priorities are being outlined. Understanding that they want to get their goods to destinations as efficiently as possible, but recognising that might mean paying more for air cargo.

In July 2022 the Financial Times mentioned Levi Stauss and Gap as some of the fashion brands that have recently relied on air cargo. Spending millions and eating into profit margins, but the company leaders deem the expense worthwhile, especially since other methods are often slower and less reliable.

The air cargo demand can be very easy to justify when the products shipped are essential for business. Brady, a manufacturer of technical and safety equipment was another company reported to have recently sent some of its critical components by air.

The predictability of air freight

The people who work hard to ensure items arrive on time have no choice but remain calm and adapt when faced with factors outside their control. One advantage air freight has is that it usually enables more predictability than other shipping methods. There are generally fewer prolonged uncontrollable variables defining what happens to goods sent by air.

The air cargo demand may well be something that will last long term, but with the current climate its difficult to say. Much will depend on whether prices remain relatively affordable or trend upward. Plus, the extent that people can reduce shipping costs by sending things by air largely depends on the particular items transported and any relevant aspects surrounding these goods.

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