With the end in sight of the covid pandemic. As countries are now beginning to release the last of their restrictions and for others a deadline in mind for the last of them to go. The effects are still being felt as normality resumes. Sea ports are still backed up and delays in place to ensure cargo makes it from origin to destination. With this has forced companies to think differently to ensure their goods arrive on time. Many are looking to the skies for answers as the air freight sector continues to enjoy this boom period.

Some companies are jumping on board to get a slice of the market while the going is good! Airbus is capitalising on the explosion in demand in the air freight sector. They are renting out huge planes to transport heavy cargo.

“BelugaST Transporters are 184ft (56 meters) long, 56ft (17 meters) high and carry a payload of 47 tonnes” The telegraph Jan 2022.

The above mentioned in the telegraph regarding the air freight sector is based on the bodies of the A300 widebody aircraft but have greatly expanded the cargo space. An example the telegraph also mentioned is that the freight service has already flown a helicopter from France to Japan without needing to take it apart.

The likes of the Airbus move has greatly increased the options for customers wanting to move very large and heavy objects by air. These normally would have been sent by sea freight, but due to the congestion mentioned this gives a much needed albeit expensive alternative.

Global shipping disruptions have made air freight much more attractive despite the higher costs. When goods are being sent through the air freight sector you can rest assured the goods will arrive in very good time and won’t be subject to the ongoing crisis we are seeing on our oceans.

Some airlines including American Airlines and Delta have claimed 2021 was a record year for cargo shipments which was able to make up for the losses in passenger numbers when restrictions around travel were in place.