Air Freight services includes the movement of goods by air through an air carrier and the amount to be paid for that transportation of goods by air. TCB Group provide every type of air freight solution from courier through to aircraft charter and specialist services.

Our branch office locations allow us to navigate along multiple time zones and link to any of the 700 international airports worldwide. As an IATA accredited agent, we are able to liaise directly with any of almost 250 accredited airlines on your behalf.

Air freight is normally a solution for urgent deliveries, expensive products or products that have a quick turnaround in store such as cigarettes. Air freight is the most expensive mode of transport when compare to sea and road freight, but the advantage of air freight is its speedy turnaround time.

The options within Air freight that TCB Group offer include; Consolidated freight, where one flight will contain many different shipments. Direct services where a single shipment is transported in the hold of a scheduled plane. Charter services where entire freight planes can be chartered for a single air freight delivery.

These shipments can be placed in the hold area of a passenger plane, where a particular area of the hold is dedicated to this. The other option is a dedicated freight plane which can accommodate huge amounts of cargo on one flight.

Through collaboration with customers and our experience in the field our team are experienced in handling and packing all cargo offering the following; global courier services. Hand carried options for time sensitive or valuable cargoes. Cost effective integrator and consolidated services. Cargo handling, packing and labelling services for dangerous goods by air. Full tracking facilities.

Get in contact with us today if there are any air shipments, we can help you with. We would love the opportunity to quote you and work alongside your business. Our services are completely tailored to your business needs.

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