Since the pandemic forced the globe into lockdown in early 2020 at that time ports and routes closed due to a sharp decline in demand. Once economies began to open up and as the months rolled on demand sharply went up. The supply chain industry was stretched to beyond capacity in order to deal with the backlog of queries that had suddenly reappeared when life slowly began heading back toward ‘normality.’

With sea ports rammed full and companies scrambling to get space on containers to ensure their goods would arrive on time businesses found themselves looking to the skies for answers. As a result, the air freight sector is booming.

TCB Group Singapore is located in the heart of the Asian continent, making it an ideal area for all air freight shipments coming in and out of the rapidly expanding markets in China and SE Asia.

From our TCB Group hubs we operate air freight forwarding services to over 700 international airports using over 250 accredited airlines. We also ensure there is adequate onward freight forwarding by road from airport to final destination.

With customers needing to have stock delivered as quickly as possible we have noticed an increase in our Air Freight shipments from Singapore and offer routes from all locations to all destinations. By using our Singapore hub as a central point, we are able to ensure all air shipments coming from SE Asia into Singapore are handled appropriately and efficiently.

For shipments out of Asia to Europe and USA are handled by our team of air experts in Singapore, ensuring a reliable and on time service.

Are you in need of a representative in Asia to help with Air shipments in and out of the continent? With our vast global network, we are able to bridge the gap to any market anywhere in the world. Contact our account manager Eileen Quek for more information on how TCB Group Singapore can add value to your supply chain – [email protected] or call us (+65) 6235 7717.