Air freight shipments in today’s world is so vital in order to link the global logistics market. Efficiency and versatility in the service are paramount. Air freight is a top-level service to ensure swift delivery of goods globally and gives the customer complete peace of mind when it comes to time-sensitive consignments.

As modern markets are seeing a huge increase in globalisation around the world it is key to ensure you have an air freight forwarder who can keep up with capacity demands across multiple routes worldwide. Air freight is an essential component to any international logistics network.

The services provided by an air freight forwarder need to be secure, flexible and fast to ensure reliability no matter the circumstances. Working with carefully selected carriers, TCB Group operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty and become more efficient. We offer a range of secure and highly flexible air freight routes completely tailored to the needs of the customer.

At TCB Group Singapore we have a team of experts in the field of air freight shipments in and out of the country. Being driven by core values have made TCB Group Singapore one of the most dynamic freight forwarding companies in the region. Our Singapore hub provides core services of freight consolidation, freight forwarding, freight consultancy and warehousing, complimenting our other TCB Group hubs based in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Need a representative in Singapore? Contact us today and allow our team of air freight experts takeaway all the pain and effort of dealing with carriers, customs, compliance and paperwork, ensuring high quality throughout the supply chain.

Contact our account manager Eileen Quek for more information on how TCB Group Singapore can add value to your supply chain – [email protected] or call us on +(65) 6235 7717.