Some very powerful statistics show not only the growth of Amazon but the importance of Amazon Prime to both sellers and buyers – half of all web shoppers will go to Amazon to search for a product and there are over 100 million worldwide subscribers to Amazon Prime.

If you are into e-commerce as a core business or as a side hustle, you need to be into Amazon.



What started out as an online bookstore has redefined the way the world shops.

The company has recently increased workers pay to $15 an hour and they can well afford to.

As a seller, the Amazon Self Fulfilled Prime offering looks like the optimum platform but in order to qualify, in addition to having an Amazon Professional Seller Account, you need to have a warehouse facility in the UK.

That’s where TCB Group can help.

With warehousing facilities in Belfast and Liverpool, TCB Group already has a number of customers that specialise in e-commerce and who take full advantage of our fulfilment and replenishment services.

Our order fulfilment services are manageable online enabling you to create orders quickly and accurately and our same day pick, pack and dispatch services are also trackable online, giving you full visibility of every order and peace of mind knowing that your supply team is operating at an optimum level of efficiency.

Our team offers a return handling and reverse logistics service where required and late cut off for same day dispatch.

We will walk you through each step of the fulfilment process to help you successfully navigate and complete the mandatory 3 month trial period from Amazon.

And most of all, we will keep your customers happy.

TCB Group is one of the leading shipping and logistics companies in the UK and through our fulfilment service we can handle all your storage, order processing, labelling and dispatch, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

For more information on how we can add value to your supply chain, please get in contact here.