When it comes to sea freight, size matters.

Looking for a LCL service from Belfast to anywhere in the world?

Belfast is fast re-emerging as an important pan-European and global hub and right now TCB Group is well positioned to offer unrivalled service and cost-effective shipping rates on LCL from Belfast to anywhere in the world.

As demand for FCL increases across shipping routes, TCB Group is delighted to showcase our special LCL Service, helping businesses ship from Europe to the UK, From the UK into Europe and from Northern Ireland to the rest of the world.

The TCB Group LCL from Belfast service is a flexible and cost-efficient option for the transportation of smaller goods between the world’s major ports. Given the back log in global shipping, LCL from Belfast makes sense if you are working to strict deadlines.

We are already working with a wide variety of businesses, across many industry sectors who all benefit from our shipping expertise.

Why Shipping LCL From Belfast might be good for your business? 

  • Using a LCL service from Belfast works when you are shipping smaller sizes and quantity of goods. This service is Ideal for start-ups and growing businesses as they manage their cash flow and assess market demands.
  • Depending on demands of the business, LCL offers a speedy shipping solution with shorter delivery times. You ship when you need to rather than wait for a full load.
  • If you are shipping a smaller quantity of goods with LCL, inventory management through-out the shipping journey will be minimal, making LCL service from Belfast a cost effective solution for your business.

TCB Group has been Shipping LCL from Belfast to multiple locations globally for years. With our collective experience we negotiate the best rates possible, referring the savings to our customers whilst at the same time offering our freight management services to ensure the best outcome on each LCL shipment.

For more information on TCB Group and how we can add value to your supply chain, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation or email [email protected]