TCB Group have partnered with Cargowise for over 10 years. The global number one freight management software, Cargowise delivers unbeatable efficiencies for TCB Group and consignment visibility for our clients.

Integrating all of our branch offices, TCB Group is able to manage customs, shipment operations and warehouse management on a single platform. An unrivalled web platform also enables our customers to track all of their shipments, customs clearances and warehoused goods via password protected access on the TCB Group website.

Because Cargowise interfaces seamlessly with all of the major container carriers and airlines, tracking information is auto updated from the carriers’ websites to the TCB Group tracking portal, providing real time tracking for all of our clients.

The most recent development for Cargowise, in partnership with Singapore airlines is the direct exchange of eBookings between the Cargowise air platform and SIA. The integration is the first of its kind for Singapore Airlines and through the use of custom APIs, allows TCB Group direct access to Singapore Airlines systems to book shipments from within the Cargowise platform.

As one of the leading global carriers and dominant player in SE Asia, being able to ensure the seamless transfer of booking information between TCB Group and the carrier offers a new level of data security for our customer base. Singapore is the single most important global trading hub for accessing the growing Southeast Asian cargo market, its strategic location and regional and global connectivity ensure its importance in the region. Since 2010, TCB Group’s Singapore branch has been the link for its clients and agent network across the world to SE Asia.

At TCB Group we offer unrivalled customer service and always look for new ways and partnerships to add to our clients experience.

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