We received a request from a current client to ship Class 7 Dangerous Goods by Air freight from Singapore to The Netherlands. The radioactive material was to be retrieved from the vessel Andromeda V which was berthed in Singapore Port and the shipment sent to the Netherlands for appropriate disposal.

Both pieces were individually crated with weight and dimensions included in the paperwork to ensure we packed them into the appropriate crate.

When it comes to moving Dangerous Goods and especially by air, there is a number of checks and paperwork required. In order to get the goods onto a flight you need to have all the necessary documentation prior to boarding, otherwise the goods won’t make it.

We have shipped plenty of Dangerous Goods in the past via road, air and sea but have never done something quite like this. To begin with there was certain paperwork missing and our operations team needed to consult with the customer and final destination in order to progress this shipment.

Once all the necessary paperwork was documented accordingly, we were able to submit to Marine Port Authority with collection taking place 8th Feb 23. The shipment will then make its way to the airline with all paperwork being checked and submitted. It will then touch down in Netherlands and make its way by road to the final destination.

Singapore to Netherlands air freight

TCB Group

Our customer is thrilled with the service received. The operations team covered every avenue to ensure the goods got out of Singapore and arrived in Netherlands with no problems.

Our team in Singapore are experts in their field and knew how to guide our customer through every step of the process.

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