The following customer is a regular customer of TCB Group, we have completed shipments for them in the past and continue to complete shipments for them. The partnership we have is one we value very highly.

Our customer wanted us to check a number of different airliners for an air freight shipment. We provided 3 rates for our customer based on different airliners along with the flight details for their consideration. We also gave our insight on how best to to ensure the most efficient way to proceed with the shipment.

Most of the shipment was heavily packaged as the commodity was machinery. We needed to ensure that the shipment details were accurate on the manifest document submitted to the flight.


TCB Group were able to deal with the customer directly using Whatsapp and WeChat to ensure a smooth arrangement. We analysed the shipment and gave the customer a full proposal regarding 3 different quotations and 3 different airlines. We advised on flight details, carrier details and sailing schedule all for the customers consideration.

Along with the customers consideration we also gave our detailed analysis of the quotations present and advised them on the most efficient way to proceed with the shipment.


After consideration from the customer and our input a particular route was decided to go with that brought a cost-effective balance. We still provided the same excellent service that would be expected regardless of which route the customer had chosen.

The air freight shipment was delivered on time to its destination.