TCB Singapore provide a wide range of consultancy services, innovative supply chain solutions, consolidation and fully managed project services.

One of our clients specialise designing and installing bulk materiel handling systems. Their project team deliver full turn-key projects to all sizes of enterprises globally.

Our clients in-house project team advocate strong partnership and actively promote to their clients the benefits of single sourced designed and delivered projects.


To successfully commission a turn-key project our client has to manage the consolidation in a single warehouse the entire system to be installed. This comprises co-ordinating parts delivery from multiple global suppliers to a single consolidation point and then final shipment to the project site. It sounds simple but with the complexities of global supply chains, differing customs formalities, changing availability dates and changing transport schedules it requires absolute knowledge, focus and judgement to ensure all of the system parts arrive in one place at the right time.

The client had already worked unsuccessfully with numerous providers who were unable to provide a fully managed project service focusing on:

  • Response and communication
  • Reporting and shipping updates.
  • Effective account management
  • Innovative problem solving.
  • Accessibility to the Singapore consolidation warehouse.
  • Proper cost management.


TCB Singapore were asked to design a solution that provided all of the above for an upcoming project for final installation in Surabaya, Indonesia. Parts were being sourced from seven countries across North America, the Middle East and Europe and required to be consolidated at our bonded warehouse facility in Singapore.

TCB Group Account Manager, Eileen Quek, and a project team including Sales Manager, Eldon Hui and General Manager, Doreen Ang (escalation purposes) compiled a shipping profile based on availability dates including both air and sea freight options where possible to ensure that all cargo arrived in Singapore at the optimum time.

  • Reporting was via the TCB web platform and by excel spreadsheet
  • Arrival in Singapore was managed to minimise freight cost (air freight used as last option) and importantly to minimise warehouse costs in Singapore
  • Fresco had full access to the TCB bonded facility to inspect and quality check cargoes prior to final delivery to Surabaya

All cargo was packed and loaded in Singapore for shipping to Surabaya on a just in time basis to coincide with the project installation.


TCB Singapore were able to deliver on their commitment of delivery to final site of all cargoes on time, in full and undamaged.

We were able to provide benefits to our clients of:

  • Full project management releasing our client’s time to focus on their core issues
  • Decreased freight cost
  • Proper reporting mechanisms with senior management escalation
  • Full project design and clear process control

Our initial discussions on the project specification were at the beginning of December 2017 and over the course of the following two months – in continual discussion with our client – our project design team compiled a bespoke service that addressed all of our clients concerns, requirements and delivery deadlines. We were awarded the contract 2 months later and from beginning to end the project lasted 6 weeks.


“The TCB Singapore team is different – they listen to our aspirations and needs and bring the tools to get the job done. The work they do for us allows us to work on our business instead of in it. Eldon and the supporting team – especially Eileen – are very good at easing us out of our comfort zone to the benefit of the company.”

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