A company based in Indonesia receives multiple shipments throughout the year from firms all over
the globe. The customer had a previous provider of this service we offer but the issues lay in
response and communication, shipping updates, effective account management, problem solving
and proper cost management. Our proposal was to outsource from all their suppliers globally and
send it to the user in 1 single shipment. We had a container sitting in our Singapore warehouse
which we filled and then sent to Indonesia.


We were asked to develop a solution that provided an answer to all the above problems for an
upcoming project for final installation in Surabaya, Indonesia. Parts were being sourced from seven
countries across North America, the Middle East and Europe and required to be consolidated at our
bonded warehouse facility in Singapore.

We provided reporting via the TCB Group web platform and by Excel updates. Arrival in Singapore
was managed to minimize freight cost (air freight used as a last option) and importantly to minimise
warehouse costs in Singapore. The company had full access to the TCB Group bonded facility to
inspect and quality check cargo prior to final delivery to Surabaya. All cargo was packed and loaded
in Singapore for shipping to Surabaya on a just in time basis to coincide with the project installation.


TCB Group were able to deliver on their commitment of delivery to final site of all cargo on time in
full and undamaged. Specific benefits the client had obtained included; full project management,
allowing our clients time to focus on their core issues, decrease in freight costs, reporting
mechanisms and senior management escalation, full project design and clear process control.
A bespoke service was designed that addressed all of our clients concerns, requirements and
delivery deadline.