We were approached by a potential client based in Singapore, their main problem being that they needed to improve their supply chain. The amount of cargo being moved on a weekly basis was on the increase and most weeks TCB Group were moving 20 containers per week. Our FCL services in Singapore were ideal for this client.

They needed a partner to come alongside and help with the cargo movement from now until the end of June 2022.

TCB Group Singapore were, as always up for the challenge!


With the volume of containers coming in our logistics service was the solution for our client. We took the all FCL deliveries into our Singapore warehouse and devanned the containers. All cargo was then sent onto its final destination.

With the number of containers that were being offloaded each week communication was key across the team, from collection to unloading to moving the goods on.

This required the full Singapore team’s co-operation to ensure a smooth transition from FCL container to FCL container and also ensuring there was room for storage week to week while the work was carried out.


Our customer was delighted with the result of how quickly the containers have been turned around so far. With this shipment ongoing until the end of June 2022 we are in a great standing for the rest of this half of 2022 and complete our promise of completing this shipment to the standards our customer deserves.

Are you in need of a freight forwarder based in Singapore for FCL or LCL needs? TCB Group has the experience when it comes to packing and transporting goods of any description, we plan the most effective routes and deliver your goods safely and quickly.

Speak to our team today to find out more about how we can assist. We would be delighted to help you in finding a tailored solution to meet your needs.