A Freight forwarding service from Singapore to India was required.

The Covid-19 crisis had forced countries into lockdown, people have been told to isolate, mass
testing and vaccination programs had been ongoing. Moving cargo was becoming more and more
difficult as restrictions were getting tighter around the world. India was being completely overtaken
in one of their latest Covid waves in early 2021 with over 200,000 deaths at the peak of the wave.
The Indian healthcare system was on the brink of collapse.

Working with our charity partner we needed to get as many vital medical supplies including oxygen
into communities across India. The urgency was seen globally through the media. Hospital wards full
to capacity, families in distress for loved ones and multitudes waiting hours to get oxygen tanks
when they became available.


All medical supplies that were donated to the charity and by the population of Singapore were sent
directly to our warehouse. All goods were packed and consolidated in our Warehouse ready for
distribution to India, goods included oxygen, medical supplies, PPE, first aid and ambulance services.
Based on previous experience and a proven track record we had the contacts in place to ensure all
goods were delivered on time and when needed.


All cargo was delivered to India successfully. We now work with our charity in delivering cargo to
more countries throughout Asia delivering masks and other PPE.
Everyone has battled so hard and played their part to ensure Covid-19 is brought under control,
from our work here TCB Group has played its part in the Covid crises and it has been great seeing
infection rates dropping with brighter days ahead for countries across the globe.