In this case study our customer was struggling to get goods into the UK, the goods were being imported from China and needed a freight forwarding service. The commodity was clothing. The main issue was the ongoing container congestion in the UK.

The customer needed an alternative solution to ensure the goods were avoiding the congestion but also not being charged extreme pricing to continue their trade in the UK & Ireland.


The solution from TCB Group was to have the goods shipped into Dublin from China, from here we would bring them up to our facility in Belfast. In doing this we were able to take advantage of the Northern Ireland protocol.

The customer sells their goods into the UK & Ireland, however if the customer brought the goods straight into England for movement into Ireland they would have to pay customs clearance fees twice. Once upon arrival into the UK and then again once the goods landed in Ireland. With TCB Group having a warehouse based in Belfast the goods can come into Dublin through customs once and then coming into Belfast the goods move into free circulation. The customer can then move their consignments without restriction anywhere around the UK and EU. Hence the advantage of the Northern Ireland protocol.


The customer was delighted with the freight forwarding service received, we made sure to give them an appropriate alternative that would benefit them, confirming our stance on offering tailored solutions to our customers.