Our customer is a toy manufacturer based in Ireland. The problem they faced was looking for a post Brexit base for despatch within the UK to reduce transit times and costs, originally the transit time was much more from the customer purchase due to the Brexit transition.

This made things very difficult for our customer to compete in the wider GB market. It increased transit times and custom checks per customer purchase, so for customers within GB it was more appealing to get their goods from and UK supplier.

Warehousing facilities in Liverpool or the North West of England would have been excellent for our customer.


We were able to provide warehousing storage in Liverpool and able to despatch on the same day as the e-commerce order came through reducing the length of time for the final customer. Upon request of our customer we were able to despatch the order on the same day to their customer.

This helped massively in ensuring our customer still had a voice in the GB market and were able to compete fairly with UK competitors. Our customer just needed to ensure their stocking levels at our Warehouse were continuously replenished. We normally notified them and then a big shipment was sent over to be stored in our Warehouse. They also had access to their storage levels online and were able to monitor for themselves how often stock needs replenished.


Our customer was very happy with the service solution provided as it allowed their business to operate on the same level as competitors in England and the wider UK. We were able to overcome some of the barriers to Brexit by using our Liverpool warehousing facility as an extension to their business.

If you can relate to the above and find that you are struggling with the Brexit transition and the uncertainty of it. Contact us today to see how best to handle things. Using our UK facilities might be the answer to your problems as it was for our client. Contact us [email protected] and we would be delighted to talk you through the process of how to make your product more easily accessible in the GB market.