Our customer is an automotive parts supplier and needed appropriate warehousing facilities in Liverpool. They lack their own warehousing space and wouldn’t have sufficient business right now to warrant their own premises and staff.

They needed a partner to provide space in the North-West of England for UK distribution.


At TCB Group we assessed the situation our customer had and provided them with a solution out of our warehousing facilities in Liverpool.

The option we supplied our customer with was cost-effective for them for storing goods and offering pick and pack and despatch throughout the UK.


Our customer was very happy with the service provided and it helped meet a lot of the needs they had especially around warehousing space.

In the UK currently there is a lack of adequate warehousing space. At TCB Group we have warehousing facilities in Liverpool and Belfast allowing for a UK wide distribution network. Does your business have a need for warehousing space? Contact us today [email protected] to discuss your needs and allow us to come up with a tailored service that will benefit your company!