Our client came to us with a tailored transportation and warehousing service they required. The commodity was mainly Beer Brewery Equipment & spare parts.

Once the packing list was sent along with the goods arriving, the dimensions of the goods and positioning were difficult to navigate and place on adequate pallet spacing to start. With the size of the tanks, cannisters, tubing and spare parts couldn’t be transported on normal pallets on a container.

What we needed was some strategic thinking by the team at TCB Group.


Once we had the delivery in our warehouse ready to go we had all the tanks wrapped to protect them from scratches and scrapes and placed side-on on pallets.

We had all the smaller spare parts carefully packed into a crate. Other parts that would sit correctly on pallets we wrapped and placed them in crates before placing them on pallets.

For the tanks we had curtain sided trailers organised with a tailgate on the side to ensure the tanks wouldn’t move about during transit. We also ratchet strapped the tanks to the trailer to ensure the goods would remain completely stable.

It was required to split into two trips to ensure preparation and safety for loading at customer’s premises.


Our customer was delighted with the level of service and attention to detail shown by the team. We made sure to complete the task professionally and as efficiently as possible.

TCB Group is proud of the work we have achieved and our customer was given a full run down of how the goods were being transported from spare parts and tubes being crated to tanks being wrapped and placed side on.

Another TCB story and another happy customer!