One of our clients based in Singapore specialise in engineering and packaging solutions for businesses and organisations from a variety of sectors, ranging from biopharma to building materials. The company uses the TCB Singapore (part of the TCB Group) warehousing facility in Singapore to service its customer base in the Australasian / Pacific region.

Situation Analysis

Our client provides packaging and packaging machinery, which is supplied each week by FTL from Malaysia and dispatched on a daily basis to its customer base.

Up until recently, they had been experiencing 2 specific issues with their current service:

  • Insecurely wrapped cargo which was leading to damages and rejected deliveries
  • Poor response to urgent and same day dispatches and deliveries

Additionally, poor management of documentation by their suppliers was also creating increased workload and administrative challenges for their customers. TCB Group was asked to consider the aforementioned problems, and review the current processes and to offer a possible solution based on their Singapore hub. The requirements for any change had to include:

  • A flexible supply chain capable of managing late requests and urgent orders
  • Pallets and cargo being machine shrink wrapped prior to dispatch.
  • Proper documentation management

TCB Group Solution

TCB Group operate through a Tuas-based state of the art warehousing facility. Staffed by a dedicated and well-trained team of operatives, the facility is spacious and can accommodate most clients’ needs and project requirements.

Key to the success of this project was the ability to shrink-wrap the cargo for onward dispatch.

We purchased a semi-automatic powered pre-stretch wrap pallet turntable to ensure that every pallet dispatched was professionally wrapped, giving the cargo sufficient protection and importantly ensuring stability for onward transportation.

The next stage of the process involved integrating an online inventory management system which connected TCB Group administration to the client’s dashboard which allowed them to:

  • Manage their inventory online
  • Create online orders that printed directly to our warehouse dispatch team
  • Manage documentation through a single online portal

Finally, as with all client relationships we introduced a dedicated account manager and account management team, offering a single point responsibility which becomes an additional team member of the client supply chain.

Benefit / Outcome

TCB Group has a longstanding track record in the Singapore supply chain and logistics market and importantly we had a thorough understanding of the client’s pain points from which we were able to effectively deliver:

  • 24/7 online visibility for our client to fully manage their inventory, track export orders and view documentation including proof of delivery.
  • A more agile supply chain, able to react quickly to new orders
  • Late cut of time for new orders
  • Streamlined documentation process able to provide consolidated invoicing on a periodic basis.

There are many ways to solve most problems but the important first step is empathetic listening – our dedicated account management team was able to diagnose the problem quickly and determine the most effective outcome, part of which was the immediate purchase of the shrink-wrap equipment.

Since our inception TCB Group has recognised the importance of technology within supply chain management and as a result, for years have been investing heavily in IT systems which provide our clients with real-time visibility of their stock and order tracking from pick, through dispatch to delivery. Which is why warehousing is one of our core services.

TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions and has built a reputation through our highly skilled and experienced team as a problem-solvers.

Our core business services are freight, warehousing, the transportation of dangerous goods and supply chain management.

We are differentiated within the market place by our ability to deliver exceptional service in difficult circumstances, attention to detail and our knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.


‘Your continuous effort to make improvements to our processes has been appreciated. We appreciate your quality of services, your responsiveness and professionalism. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work and we look forward to continuing our relationship.’

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