Shipping out of China is becoming more and more difficult for any individual and small firm as the rising costs and the backlog of containers are making it impossible for businesses to cope.

Logistics UK have said that the cost of importing shipping containers from China has risen by up to 800%. A number of factors including the Covid-19 pandemic are said to be behind the surge in prices.

Pre-Covid prices for a 20ft container out of China were roughly $1,200 plus local charges. Now they have risen to a phenomenal rate of around $10,800 for a 20ft container.

The impact this is having on businesses is forcing prices up on their products for the end user. Thousands of containers transporting goods pass through Northern Ireland’s ports every week, the costs to continue these containers coming through is being described by some as a global crisis.

With the Covid pandemic demand for goods dropped off in 2020 as economies and countries began closing down, but with things beginning to re-open now there are less vessels in the sea. With that in mind space is becoming more and more difficult to obtain from the Far East and with less vessels the price for the space is going up.

At TCB Group we have partners in place across the Far East along with our office and staff based in Singapore to help with any issues on shipping your goods from China and the Far East into the UK & Ireland.

We have also noticed a shift in supply chain, that companies are now looking to source their goods elsewhere. Some of the main locations we have seen a rise in is Turkey, Vietnam, India and Pakistan.

TCB Group offers the same freight forwarding service regardless of location. If you are shipping goods in from China we will do everything we can in order to ensure a reliable service, if you are looking at an alternative supplier anywhere on the globe let us know, we would love to partner you in ensuring a straight forward procedure.

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