Small shipments are common in supply chains. There is an excellent option that can provide more opportunity for smaller firms or firms that tend to ship less called consolidated shipping. This allows for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Consolidated shipping is a method where a consolidator (TCB Group) combines individual shipments from various shippers into one full container shipment. When the full container shipment reaches its destination, the shipments are then deconsolidated into their original shipments. Another name for these small shipments is LCL (meaning less than container load).

At TCB Group we can ship as little as 1 box to thousands of boxes all depending on your needs. Shipping goods by consolidated freight also allows you to optimise your supply chain. This allows you to very quickly and at a cheap rate transport small volumes of goods and allows for a more reliable service for your customers and partners.

We work with each individual client to design the ideal onward shipping solution, whether it be by Road, Air and Sea. At TCB Group we are experts at finding the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions to bring all consolidated shipments to their final destination.

At TCB Group we boast Global coverage with the ability to bring in any shipment from any location into the UK & Ireland. We have weekly shipments leaving key ports in China, India and Singapore. With our dedicated team in Singapore, we are able to bring in shipments from anywhere else across Asia.

Once these shipments are consolidated our containers start making there way toward Dublin and eventually make their way up to our warehouse in Belfast. The shipments are then split down into their original smaller shipments and distribution is then arranged for the goods to make their way to the customer.

Speak to the TCB Group team today to discuss any needs your business has and how you could avail of console services; 028 9560 8444.