A company that operates within freight forwarding is an expert in supply chain management. Bridging the gap between buyer and seller. A freight forwarder acts as a middleman between the transportation services and the shipper.

Freight forwarders are responsible for arranging the entire process including the storage and shipment of the goods. They also choose the most reliable, fastest and economical route.

TCB Group excel at the management of cost-effective and safe movement of cargo to anywhere in the world. Our strategically placed network and warehousing in Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin and Singapore give us the ideal opportunity to ensure the optimum freight solution for your company. With this positioning gives us frequent access to the UK, EU, Asia and North America.

Hiring the services of a freight forwarder is advantageous to your business. We can help in the transportation of your goods to your customers. We are experts in the field and our knowledge is unrivalled ensuring goods are safely delivered on time every time.

The services we offer include managing the logistics of your goods, negotiating tariffs, administration of complex customs regulations, inventory management and storage.

Processes in importing and exporting goods can become very stressful and difficult to navigate around. Through the services that TCB Group offer as a freight forwarder reduces the pressure on you and your firm.

TCB Group focus on delivering a positive and consistent outcome through; quality service. Single point responsibility through a dedicated account manager. The use of the most advanced global supply chain management software and IT infrastructure, giving unbeatable efficiencies and consignment visibility. The highest possible standards.

If your company has any freight requirements globally, please do get in contact with us. Our core services include Consolidation, Freight Forwarding via Air, Sea and Road, Consultancy and Warehousing.

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