The Covid-19 Pandemic when it first took grip globally in 2020 changed for all of us daily activities that beforehand we would have taken for granted. It imposed itself on our freedoms as a society to come and go as we pleased from meeting up with friends, non-essential shopping and travel within our home country.

With governments scrambling to deal with this crisis in the form of lockdowns, mass testing and vaccination programmes. Certain countries seem to be slowly beating this disease and giving back to its populations gradual freedoms that we now cherish so heavily.

In other countries unfortunately this isn’t the case. India is in the grip of an overwhelming coronavirus wave. With the total number of cases skyrocketing and consistently a new daily record of infections becoming all too familiar. The death toll has reached over 200,000 and an acute shortage of oxygen means that the death count will continue to rise.

The Indian Healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. Hospital beds are full and oxygen being extremely hard to come by. In rural parts of the country healthcare resources are already limited.

With reports that migrant workers are returning to their home towns which could in turn spread the virus further into these rural areas and neighbouring countries.

Another result of the Covid-19 pandemic in India is that it is also forcing the country further into poverty. Which is a devastating result to the 21.9% of the population already living below the poverty line.

The Red Cross in response to this wave are providing vital oxygen supplies, ambulance services, first aid, medical care and PPE throughout the Indian communities.

TCB Group are partnering with the Red Cross through our office base in Singapore to ensure safe and efficient delivery of oxygen to these Indian communities that are in great need.

At TCB Group we specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions. Using our expertise and experience we have been able to ensure delivery of essential supplies to India. With continued efforts light will breakthrough for the people of India during this wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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