Ecommerce – referring to buying and selling goods online, transferring all payments in one swoop. This continues to grow year on year as more and more retailers continue their investment in the online market. More companies are getting the opportunity to expand their reach looking at an audience that before they didn’t have access too and building supply chains in order to meet the demand for their goods.

There has been an opportunity opened to freight forwarders and customs brokers to expand into the ecommerce market. If they can efficiently manage customs and security filings in destination countries and ensure supply chains operate effectively, they have so much potential to expand into the ecommerce world.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed limitations in traditional retail selling and vulnerabilities in the global supply chain. As a result, retailers that weren’t as involved in online selling made an immediate reversal in order to stay in business. They adopted ecommerce fulfilment strategies to maintain customers and build resiliency into their supply chains. These retailers now sell online and fulfil orders from local stores, distribution centres and national warehouses.

Freight forwarders and customs brokers that manage bulk cross-border shipments have already been able to maximise load capacity. International ecommerce fulfilment provides even more options for profitability of international freight forwarders. When mixing traditional palletised cargo with smaller ecommerce shipments, containers can be packed to full capacity reducing any dead space in the container. Ultimately as you ship more in one container your profits go up.

At TCB Group we have strong global supply chains in place globally. Our vast network of agents and bodies allows for our customers to fully avail of any route ensuring a seamless transition from origin to destination. We have the capabilities with our warehouse locations in the UK, Ireland and Singapore to aid businesses needing efficient warehousing.

Effective warehousing is essential for the success of any supply chain. Without the right warehousing services, your logistics and operations can easily fall through. Our warehousing and storage hubs have been strategically placed for maximum efficiency in supply chains. Their positioning and innovative solutions are built around your business requirements providing access to major markets around the world.

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