Freight is typically defined as goods and cargo being transported in bulk by truck, train, ship or aircraft. In order to transport goods from origin to destination sometimes requires multiple modes of transport. If goods are moving from North America to mainland Asia, sea, rail and road have likely been used in its transportation. TCB Group offer freight consultancy as a service to help companies ensure freight is moved in the most optimal way.

TCB Group offer this special service mainly aimed at companies and individuals regularly shipping goods and other freight forwarders breaking into the market. TCB Group have an established reputation globally as “resourceful problem solvers.”

TCB Group’s experience in the field is unrivalled being established in the industry for over 12 years. Our range of services operate fully out of our hub spots in the UK, Ireland, Singapore and connections in North America. We have been strategic in our positioning in the field ensuring all time zones are covered.

We are differentiated within the marketplace by our ability to deliver exceptional customer service across all our core business. We treat our business relationships as true partnerships. Considering ourselves as an extension to your business operation when coming on board.

At TCB Group we show a commitment to quality by focusing on the processes in delivery of your goods from origin to destination. We ensure that the processes are consistently in line with customer requirements and needs.

Our freight consultancy service covers a range of areas including advice on order processing, material management, carriers and warehousing options. The focus is to help you increase productivity and cut costs while ensuring the most optimal route is taken.

This service considered is why TCB Group have been so strategic in its thinking on office and warehouse positioning. Not only are we able to give best advice on how the goods should be handled and moved but we can actively ensure that it is carried out.

TCB Group is the optimal partner for your business. We will ensure your goods are managed accordingly by overseeing and managing a cost-efficient operation and delivery of goods. Combining logistics experience, our staff and knowledge, ensuring a smooth coordination between carriers, shippers, operations and you.

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