Michael Jordan.

As the 2019 NBA season fast approaches its zenith it is worth considering the wise words of hoops legend, Michael Jordan as he differentiates the winners from the also-rans. Easy for an all time great to spread the love amongst his teammates but success in sport and in business always comes down to teamwork.

The analogy is further endorsed by a 2018 business survey in the London Financial Times when they surveyed the top 20 reasons why businesses fail. Teamwork

The majority of responses of the survey related directly to a failure to fully understand the business needs of customers.

As a metaphor for life, customers ultimately want to know that you understand their needs, how they feel and that you value them.

Michael Jordan used failure to motivate himself having not made his High School varsity team but not many businesses get the chance for redemption. If you are a business and aren’t already recognising the importance of customer teamwork (you might already be calling this ‘partnerships’) then your business is doomed to fail. Having ‘customer service’ as a cornerstone of your business philosophy should be a given but what defines the winners from the also-rans in business is the depth of those relationships.

  • How well do you really understand your customers’ needs?
  • How close are you to the key decision makers?
  • Do you fully understand their pain points?
  • Do you make them feel special?

Why is TCB Group different?

Our industry is a challenging one for a number of different (often conflicting) reasons. TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions – shipping cargo for clients to and from anywhere in the world.

It sounds pretty straightforward but in this business the distance between success and failure is marginal and just like Jordan, we believe that intelligence and teamwork are the ingredients for a championship winning team.

Our approach to customer relationships has always been about developing meaningful partnerships with our customers rather than the traditional client / supplier relationships.

It makes sense that you can deliver more – add more value – if you have a thorough and in depth understanding of your customers business needs, their processes and constraints.

It matters to customers that you deliver on your brand promise but getting under their skin and finding out where the real pain points are, helps deliver creative solutions to their needs.

Its not always only about saving customers’ time and money – with TCB Group it goes deeper than that.

We deploy technologies that offer greater transparency and accessibility than ever before but only because we know that our customers benefit from its availability.

Our range of services reflect and actively promote the TCB Group teamwork ethic.

From freight management to replenishment and fulfilment, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, diligence and a ‘no means not yet’ attitude.

A single point responsibility means that one person at TCB Group manages ALL shipping requirements for our customers.

Our integrated software gives 24/7 visibility and remote access, which allows our customers to track, access and manage their cargo when they need to.

As part of our team, you get transparency, accessibility, empathy, efficiency and a commitment to hard work.

To find out more about TCB Group and how we can add value to your supply chain, please contact us here.