Recent changes in supply chain thinking, with just-in-time models being reassessed, have led to an increase in demand for local warehousing space in the UK.

Warehouses are fundamental to the global supply chain and play such a key role. Whether the warehouse is used for short or long-term cargo storage, modal interchange or to facilitate more involved activities such as packing. The importance of warehousing has been on the increase as more and more firms adopt a different approach to their supply chain, having warehouses hold the stock until the point of production or market.

The activities of warehousing naturally bring a host of familiar operational components together in one location, not without risk. Firms over the past 2 years have been forced to demonstrate agility embarking on new or increased warehouse capacity as business needs evolved with the increased view to ordering online effecting the global supply chain. This was always something on the increase but had been accelerated by the Covid pandemic. When it comes to exploring warehousing operations, you need to be careful of who exactly you are wanting to work with. If the company is an established freight forwarder and has their warehouse facility correctly organised and laid out then very little problems should arise.

Initial practical considerations for establishing a warehouse facility that you are planning on using will inevitably lead to the below;

  • Location
  • Proximity to transport networks
  • Size
  • Availability of Labour
  • Price for storage
  • Company well known
  • Warehouse Condition

Along with plenty of other things to consider when choosing the correct partner for storing your goods.

Without the right warehousing services, your logistics and operations can easily fall through. At TCB Group, warehousing is central to what we do. Moving goods internationally requires warehousing and storage. This helps to ensure that goods are moved efficiently and kept safe. With extensive experience of project management in Asia, USA and Europe we have the local and global knowledge.

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