Have you ever considered consolidation services for your shipping needs?

Shipping single cargo from one part of the world to another should be relatively straightforward but when it comes to the movement of many items from multiple suppliers then the game changes a little.

Consolidation Services

Co-ordinating individual collections from multiple suppliers for export creates many obvious challenges. It can be much harder to manage, it can create increased administration work load, it can cost more and then there is the small matter of customs requirements and documentation.

For shipments originating in UK, Ireland or mainland Europe TCB Group offer consolidation services which helps to remove the pain and additional cost of shipping multiple consignments to the same destination country.

With our strategically located depots in the UK and Ireland we can manage the consolidation of multiple consignments in such a way so as to minimise cost and remove many of those customs procedures, eliminating additional documentary requirements – making the process more efficient and more effective.

Additionally, cost reductions will continue throughout the supply chain, reducing sea freight costs, import handling costs and import customs costs.

We currently work with a number of clients who have enjoyed dramatic cost savings in their global shipping as a result of our consolidation services – maybe this is something that could work for your business?

If you think that TCB Group can add value to your supply chain, please get in touch for a no-obligation quotation here.