It’s unlikely that the quote around knowledge attributed to Alexander Pope but was made specifically in relation to the transportation of hazardous goods but it is fair to say that it resonates, nonetheless, with an often-misunderstood area of transport and logistics.

Specialists in shipping dangerous goods

As a freight, storage and logistics specialist, TCB Group offers a comprehensive range of shipping solutions including the transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods.


In fact, TCB Group has been packing, labelling and transporting dangerous goods by air for over 10 years. As with all aspects to our business we pride ourselves on our highly skilled and experienced team and their ability to problem solve for our customers from the knowledge they have obtained.

When it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods our customer service team comes into its own but in this instance a little bit of information simply isn’t enough.

What are the challenges when shipping dangerous goods?

It sounds obvious to suggest that transporting dangerous goods would require additional levels of control and security but there are still some who will take short cuts in their transport arrangements.

Transporting dangerous or hazardous goods demands the highest levels of attention to detail, knowledge, administrative rigour and hard work as the name would suggest.

There are so many items which are very obviously hazardous yet there are also many items classified as Hidden Dangerous Goods that are less obvious.

Thermometers containing mercury are classified as hidden dangerous goods and closer to home you can add to the list paints, aerosols, glues and adhesives, bleaching powders and cleaners.

The 9 classifications

There are 9 classifications of hazardous goods and when you take a more thorough look at each category, you can begin to fully appreciate the importance the industry attaches to safety and security.

This year IATA published the 60th edition of their Dangerous Goods Regulations, and whilst some airlines and countries may have their own additional requirements (State or Operator Variations) they are the global reference for the shipment of dangerous goods by air.

Dangerous goods training – and the employment of a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor – is a mandatory requirement for anyone involved in the packaging, documentation and transport of dangerous goods by air.

Why you should consider TCB Group for shipping

Uniquely in the UK and Ireland, TCB Group is the only freight forwarder that provides a full dangerous goods packaging and labelling service along with global transport solutions for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

TCB Group has a team of experts dedicated to the shipment and transportation of most types of hazardous goods (with the exception of radioactive goods.)

Our fully qualified team understands the complexities of the relevant legislation and associated customs regulations for global transportation.

We love to problem solve for our customers and through our staff development programme we offer our staff continuous learning which keeps us better equipped to manage transport for our customers.

For more information on how we can add value to your supply chain, please contact us here.