Looking to ship LCL from Singapore to Vietnam?

TCB Group Singapore offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help our clients import from Asia, via Singapore to Vietnam.

TCB Group have hubs strategically placed in Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and Singapore. In our Singapore hub we offer a range of services from freight forwarding, consolidation and warehousing. We have a big focus on our LCL services from Singapore across SE Asia including Vietnam.

Our sea freight services include part load containers (LCL). At TCB Group we have a vast experience in processing shipments and are able to walk you through your shipment whether it be your very first time or if you’ve been doing it for years! Consolidated freight services provide clients with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable method of transportation. Shipping goods by consolidated freight or LCL from Singapore to Vietnam allows you to optimise your supply chains.

Our partners across Asia can deal with all customers’ needs from original contact, arranging export paperwork and shipping, customs clearance and delivery to final destination whether that be Vietnam or anywhere else.

A distribution network within the country is used to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your goods from port to destination. We offer a range of onward freight forwarding services for all consolidated or LCL freight coming from Singapore to Vietnam.

TCB Group have an office based in Singapore the transhipping hub in Asia and an experienced team to be able to deal with any and all queries regarding freight. 25% of the world’s goods pass through Singapore each year so it’s easy to see the strategic value placed on a hub here for TCB Group.

The hub acts as a crossroads to east-west trade, TCB Singapore is located in the heart of the Asian continent and connects us with the rapidly expanding markets in China, Australasia and the rest of the world. Making this a key location exporting LCL from anywhere in Asia through Singapore to Vietnam.

For more information about our Singapore hub and the range of service offerings we can provide you contact us for more information by emailing [email protected].