Shipping Full Container Loads (FCL) isn’t always the best option. Shipping by LCL from Ireland could be the solution.

Why pay for a 20’ container when your cargo volume into Ireland is only 20cbm and 10T, or less? Why not use LCL?

Too often Irish importers are paying for full container loads and only filling up to half of the container, or being penalised by purchasing higher cost 20’ containers. LCL into Ireland allows you to only pay for the space you use.

LCL is a term used in sea freight to describe loads that are “less than a container load,” or a shipment that does not fill an entire container. Most people assume that pro-rata it’s more expensive than full container shipping – but not necessarily so.

If your consignment into Ireland is less than 20cbm or 10T it will most definitely be less expensive to ship as LCL.

So how does LCL work?

In an LCL shipment, different cargoes share a container and the importer only pays for the space they use. The big advantage is that SME’s can enjoy low-cost shipping rates without having to purchase higher volumes.

TCB Group in Ireland specialise in LCL shipping. One of Irelands leading NVOC’s we consolidate LCL containers from every continent into Dublin, Belfast and Cork with the exception of the two Poles!

From Tokyo to Tralee, Istanbul to Irvinestown or even Rio to Roscommon – we have an LCL service that will reduce your cost and deliver on time, every time.