Road Freight is vital to so many areas of supply chain. Not only is road freight used as a service in itself transporting goods from A to B, but also used to transport goods from seaports and airports on-carriage to the final destination. Our Road Freight service in Singapore is so vital to our customers.

TCB Group have an excellent track record in all road freight and distribution. Our client portfolio includes a number of different industries including engineering, materials processing, stone producers and food processing.

Asia is a key player in the modern-day global economy. We have a road freight network developed across all the main countries in the Asia-Pacific region from our central hub in Singapore to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia to name a few. In most of these countries’ goods can only be transported by road to final destination or picked up at origin until it reaches the ports.

Our road freight network has been boosted by our vast partnerships along a number of different networks that we have been part of for a long time and new partnerships we have started as part of our strategic expansion.

At TCB Group we boast an exceptional presence across the entire Asian continent. With that in mind having direct links across Europe, North America, South America and Australia.

Based on the figures there has been an increase in demand for road freight in SE Asia. More businesses are now seeing this as a more convenient route to our neighbouring countries as well, thanks to new capabilities and features provided in the road freight industry. There has been an increase in the e-commerce sector in the region which has pushed for increased demand in cross-border transportation. This predicted upswing is driven by the renewed economic growth in many of SE Asia’s leading economies, as so many industries rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you need a representative in SE Asia to coordinate all your road freight shipments? Contact our account manager Eileen Quek for more information on how TCB Group Singapore can add value to your supply chain – [email protected] or call us +(65) 6235 7717.