Across SE Asia the bubble tea industry has grown exponentially to a huge $3.7 billion in 2021. Among all SE Asian nations Indonesia ranks first in terms of market size – its annual turnover being $1.6 billion.

2nd to this was Thailand, its turnover being $749 million across more than 31,000 bubble tea stores within the country. Vietnam and Singapore made up the top 4. Despite the size of Singapore consumers were found to have much higher purchasing power, the average order was nearly two times more than that of other countries in the region.

With such a vast demand across SE Asia for this product it is now spilling into Europe and becoming quite a popular drink for consumers in the West. With this comes an opportunity to export.

Singapore is a massive shipping hub and a global player in freight and logistics, connected to 600 ports across 120 countries. TCB Group is based in Singapore and able to handle all shipments to be sent from any location around SE Asia into any destination globally.

TCB Group

TCB Group offer a breadth and range of maritime services. Our team comprises local people, regionally proficient, experts in shipping and freight consolidation all driven by values driven by our core values.

We have created a range of sea freight services that offer innovative and competitively priced solutions that ensure delivery on time, every time, including port-to-port solutions.

We have customers in every industry and even import supplies for customers in the bubble tea market that is now taking Europe by storm!

Hey Boba

Tea has always been the number one go to beverage in China, but ‘new’ teas are now growing exponentially in demand across the region.

Bubble tea, which has its origin in Taiwan in the 1980s has grown to a whopping US$3.7bn industry in SE Asia alone.

Bubble tea excitement is now brewing in Ireland and TCB customer ‘Hey Boba’ is leading the way. Melvin the founder at Hey Boba had this to say;

“Bubble tea has been gaining traction in emerging markets especially in SE Asia and we are delighted to bring this delicious beverage to Belfast! TCB has been a vital part to our operations as we only import the very best direct from the source.  Whilst TCB deals with all the headache of international shipping, we can concentrate on providing everything boba to our customers in Belfast. Come visit us near Queen’s University if you get a chance!”