Why Shipping from Belfast is a benefit to your business.

Based on the Brexit vote and the transition of the UK leaving the EU. Belfast is fast becoming an important hub for companies trading between the UK and Europe. TCB Group is well positioned offering unrivalled service and cost-effective shipping rates from our HQ in Belfast.

Demand for FCL has always been high across all shipping routes, but given the current port congestion and shipping delays many firms are changing their approach. TCB Group offer an LCL service helping businesses ship globally from Northern Ireland.

TCB Group has been shipping LCL from Belfast to multiple locations globally for years. With our collective experience we negotiate the best rates possible. We refer savings to our customers all the while offering our freight management services to ensure the best outcome on each LCL shipment. LCL offers a speedy shipping solution with shorter delivery times. You ship when you need to rather than wait for a full load.

We are already working with a wide variety of businesses across many industry sectors. All benefit from our shipping expertise.

TCB Groups first office was opened in Belfast in 2007 along with our warehouse in the city too. We have been established in the UK market now for a number of years and understand fully the needs of our customers. With each enquiry we understand the need first and from that give our most cost-effective approach. We base our proposal on origin, destination, how time sensitive the goods are and the product dimensions.

Are you shipping from Belfast? Get in contact with TCB Group today to discuss your shipping needs. Email us at [email protected] or fill in the below contact form! We look forward to hearing from you.

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