According to IATA when discussing hazardous goods, over 1 billion Lithium batteries are flown around the world every year.

Given that they can be found in almost every electronic device – from mobile phones to lap tops and cameras – you can see that it’s a big number that will continue to grow given our growing appetite for technology and gadgets.

Hazardous Goods

It’s important to note that lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods – something that must have slipped the mind of Jeff Bezos and his team at Amazon.

Between 2014 and 2015 the online behemoth had transported not only lithium batteries via air but also flammable aerosols.

Keep a watchful eye out on shipping dangerous goods

The Company was found guilty in a London Court of causing dangerous goods to be delivered for carriage in an aircraft in breach of air navigation rules. The prosecution was not brought about by a singular event but a systemic failure going back a number of years.

The technical instructions governing the application of the provisions for the shipment of dangerous goods by air are laid out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the positions are broadly similar for transport by other modes.

So what do companies involved with the handling and carriage of dangerous goods by air need to do to minimise the risk?

That’s where TCB Group comes in.

Uniquely in the UK and Ireland, TCB Group is the only freight forwarder that provides a full dangerous goods packaging and labelling service along with global transport solutions for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

TCB Group has a team of experts dedicated to the shipment and transportation of most types of hazardous goods (with the exception of radioactive goods).

TCB Group has a team of shipping experts

Our fully qualified team understands the complexities of the relevant legislation and associated customs regulations for global transportation.

We love to problem solve for our customers and through our staff development programme we offer our staff continuous learning which keeps us better equipped to manage transport for our customers – keeping us up to date with legislation and customs protocols.

This means that we can do the hard work for you and ensure that your cargo is shipped safely and in full compliance of any domestic and international shipping laws.

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