Our TCB Group Singapore Story;

Since our inception 12 years ago, TCB Group has enjoyed year on year growth.

Despite sometimes adverse global market conditions TCB Group has succeeded through innovation and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The latest expansion for the company was in Tuas Port Area, Singapore.

The new home for TCB Groups 100,000 sqft logistics hub.

TCB Group Singapore

Tuas also happens to be home for what will become the world’s largest container terminal, capable of handling 65 million teus per year and one of Asia’s largest logistics parks.

Reclamation work for the first phase is already three quarters complete with the first berths will be operational by 2021.

Shipping through Singapore is now easier than ever

Work on the new terminal has been both ground breaking and innovative, involving deployment of a new Temarock vessel for this first time globally, to place the rock mounds on the ocean floor necessary for land reclamation.

Normally requiring 5940 labour hours across 45 staff and 4 vessels, a single Temarock vessel reduces the total staff requirement to 8 and requires a total input of only 528 labour hours.

Reducing the health and safety risk to workers and also decreasing the environmental impact through the reduction, by up to 70%, of the volume of sand required to complete the reclamation.

Impressive indeed.

Singapore – the world’s largest shipping and distribution hub

The new Tuas terminal will cement Singapore’s position as the world’s largest shipping and distribution hub and with daily connections to almost every major port in Asia and Australasia, the city will continue to lead the way in technological and logistical development.

Our presence in Singapore is not new but our warehousing facility adds new layers of capability on top of an already bustling hub for TCB Group.

The TCB Group facility in Singapore offers the full range of services

The TCB Group facility in Tuas combines the full range of warehousing services – including bonded and non-bonded – incorporating online warehouse management software, booking and tracking systems to ensure our clients maintain control while holding their inventory closer to their own customers.

The PSA Authority’s development of Tuas Port has ensured Singapore’s continued position as South Asia’s most important hub and that can only be good for everyone with an interest in global trading.

TCB Group has a team of highly skilled and accredited staff, proficient in all aspects of shipping and warehouse management including:

  • Administration
  • Packing
  • Labelling
  • Documentation

If you have any questions surrounding the rules and regulations or if you need any advice or need any help with your supply chain then please contact us here.