LCL is a term used in sea freight to describe loads that are “less than a container load,” or a shipment that does not fill an entire container.

In an LCL shipment different cargoes share a container and the importer only pays for the space they use. The big advantage is that SME’s can enjoy low-cost shipping rates without having to purchase higher volumes.

Benefits of shipping LCL;

  • You pay only for the volume you use.
  • You can ship fewer goods more frequently, reducing overheads and warehousing space.
  • Significantly less expensive than air freight – particularly suited to non-urgent cargoes.
  • Increased available vessel capacity to ship consignments more quickly.

LCL Shipping Costs

Most people assume that being charged pro-rata is more expensive than full container shipping – but not necessarily so.

LCL costing is simple, transparent and calculated using volumetric weight. The more space you use, or weight equivalent, the more you pay.

Some important factors to remember when considering your LCL shipment;

i) Terms of Carriage

a. Have you agreed ex works collection whereby the buyer arranges collection from the sellers factory door, or

b. Free On Board origin port (FOB) – the buyer is only responsible for the sea freight charges

ii) Your cargo will be packed with other consignments and the packaging must be adequate to allow for additional handling.

iii) LCL transit times are typically 4 days longer than the full container load equivalent. This is to allow time for the inbound container to be unloaded.

iv) Insurance; not only important for LCL shipments, but all type of goods in transit movement.

TCB Group, in partnership with the Globelink Group is one of Asia’s biggest NVOC’s, providing consolidation services from every SE Asia and Chinese Port direct to Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

TCB Group

At TCB Group we are experts at LCL Shipping, providing LCL Services into and from Ireland for many years. Our knowledge, attention to detail and safe practice ensure that your consignments arrive, on time, in full and intact every time.

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