TCB Group offer exceptional service including; direct trailer departures every week from Belfast:

  • Shipping to Benelux & Germany
  • Quicker Transit + No Transhipping in GB = Exceptional Service

TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions.


Through a highly skilled and experienced team, we collaborate to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes for businesses and organisations throughout the world.

We are differentiated within the marketplace by our ability to deliver exceptional service in difficult circumstances, our attention to detail and our knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.

Our core business services are freight management, warehousing and the transportation of dangerous goods.

TCB Group is able to offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of premium ground services available. Offering flexible, fast and efficient services throughout Europe, South East Asia, CIS and North America. Our innovative and cost effective solutions are tailored to your specific requirements.

We have carefully developed a global network to ensure that we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive choice of supply chain solutions. In addition to our agency representation our strategically placed offices ensure customers have direct access to key global markets in Europe and Asia.

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*based on a standard size stackable pallet. T&Cs will apply.