Singapore – gateway to Australia and the Far East

There are reasons as to why Singapore has been voted as the world’s top maritime shipping hub, consecutively for 8 years.

Out of 43 locations across the globe (as measured by the Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development (ISCD) Index), Singapore retains the number one spot ahead of London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Rotterdam.

The rankings take into account port factors including:
– cargo throughput, number of cranes, length of container berths
– number of maritime support businesses such as shipbroking, ship management, financing, insurance, underwriters etc…
– general business environment factors, such as favourable customs tariffs, ease of doing business, logistics performance, digitalisation of administration etc…

There is no sign of the city/state’s progress abating as they seek to invest $15B into all aspects of maritime trade, with technology in particular getting attention – with 36.9m containers passing through the port, anything that can help the flow of goods will be well received.

Utilising Singapore as a gateway to Australasia 

TCB Group have had a presence in Singapore for almost a decade.

The 50,000 square ft facility in Tuas is ideally located for customers shipping in and out of port giving them access to west-east trade and onwards through other TCB Group Hubs in Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin, connecting Asia to Europe, the United Kingdom and beyond.

TCB Singapore handle logistics, freight-forwarding and shipping for a wide range of local, regional, national and international clients across a number of sectors and industries.

Local Singapore knowledge and expertise in shipping and logistics

Our Singapore warehouse is managed by a local team who fully understand the economic, commercial and cultural differences of shipping cargo from east to west through the city.

As the Singapore authorities recognise the strategic importance of the shipping industries to the economic wellbeing of the state, so too does TCB Group appreciate the importance of the region in helping our customers make those important connections globally, allowing them to grow and flourish.

Through our Singapore warehouse and shipping hub, TCB Group Singapore offers the full range of logistics services, including, freight forwarding, freight consolidation and warehousing services including order replacement, pick and pack, remote inventory management, cargo handling and customs transportation.

Why you should use TCB Group Singapore to manage your shipping needs

Through our consultancy services, TCB Group can help advise you on the best method of transport for your cargo, ensuring a seamless and cost effective, delivery of goods to anywhere in the world.

For more information on how we can add value to your supply chain, please email [email protected].