The Singapore Red Cross Conference took place in September this year. Key figures in the humanitarian and health sectors convened to exchange views on the immediate consequences and long-term implications of the humanitarian response towards Covid-19. The conference was completely organised by the Red Cross at the Marina Bay Sands and online on 10th September 2022.

The theme that the team had organised for the 7th Humanitarian Conference was; “Humanitarian Response to Covid-19; Anxiety & Hope.” This reflects the immediate response in the midst of the anxiety caused by the pandemic and how humanitarian organisations can be better positioned to bring hope to vulnerable communities. There was a vast number of organisations and groups present at the conference including the team from TCB Group Singapore!

“When a crisis strikes, often, we as individuals or as communities rise up above ourselves – to go the extra mile, do much better than we thought possible, or to be creative and innovative to find solutions for seemingly intractable problems… We can learn from the experiences that we have gone through, the lessons we have learnt, and how we can be better prepared, not only in our response to crises but even in our day-to-day operations.” That was the comments made by Mr. Tan Kai Hoe the Singapore Red Cross Chairman.

The keynote speaker of the conference, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, shared insights on the emerging humanitarian challenges and ways we can be better prepared for the future. The experience, networks and lessons learnt from Covid-19 will help Singapore tackle future pandemics. He spoke on behalf of the Singaporean government showing his appreciation for all the work the Singapore Red Cross has done locally, regionally and globally, from floods to droughts and storms.

TCB Group Singapore have been partnering with the Singapore Red Cross in many of their humanitarian aid shipments, sending vital supplies to countries during the worst time of the Covid pandemic and to families needing help in Ukraine.

We as a company are delighted to have helped the Red Cross Singapore with their efforts and are honoured to have received an invite to their conference. We hope going forward we can continue to work together in the years ahead.