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Being part of the Singapore culture for so long we love seeing and hearing good news stories in the country. The Strait Times released an article this week about a new product released in Singapore. A smart glove that translates sign language into English and Chinese text through an app on your phone.

The smart glove that was designed and created by a group of students instantly translates multiple sign languages into English or Chinese text, potentially enabling deaf people to communicate without the need for an interpreter.

The smart glove tracks the hand movement of sign language users with sensors that run along the four fingers and thumb, before interpreting the words in text via an app paired via Bluetooth.

The app also animates spoken English words that it records into sign language to help deaf people understand those who speak to them.

Mr. Gong He, 22, who is the business lead in the team of four, said “We want to use this technology to assist deaf people to communicate with others after we learned about the daily struggles faced by some deaf friends.”

According to the Singapore Association for the Deaf, there are more than 5,400 people with hearing loss registered in Singapore. Its website also states that this is on the rise due to an ageing population.

Using self-developed algorithms, they have trained the smart glove to detect the hand movements of 8,000 words in various sign languages, such as Chinese, American and Singapore versions, as instructed by the user.

The word count and number of languages recognised is expected to grow as they work with Huawei to bolster the system’s machine learning capabilities.

The social impact that this product will have not only in Singapore but globally will be immense. It will change the lives of so many people and their families impacted by deafness.