For years China has been a big player in the global supply chain. Companies around the world have been ordering goods from China for their customers back home. Over the past lot of months, we at TCB Group have seen a lot of challenges in the Chinese supply lines, which unfortunately are not going to end in the near future. The Covid pandemic has also had its part to play in this along with prices for containers sky rocketing.

As a result, we are seeing a massive increase in clients developing alternative supply routes. In order to support this change of supply chain direction, TCB Group offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help our clients import from other key routes such as India, Turkey, Vietnam etc.

With our global connections the service we offer our customers from China we offer globally. If you are looking to change your supplier from China to another provider in Asia rest assured the service offering won’t change, the only difference will be the port of origin.

We do still offer the same services in China for those still wanting to export from there.

We offer our customers a single point of contact account management service. With our IT infrastructure and vast experience of our staff within TCB Group ensures a stress free, reliable, efficient and on-time service.

Has something happened in your supply chain? Are you needing to change supplier?

Do it with confidence knowing that TCB Group offer the same service from any origin port globally.

Get in contact with us today if you need to change your supplier and we will provide the same excellent service. At TCB Group customer service is our number one priority, offering our customers a service that meets their needs exactly.

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