What do you do when you are the world’s leading materials processing engineering business and you need to get an out of gauge shipment from the UK to Australia in record time?

In the first instance, you know that you can’t rely on your day to day provider because they don’t manage any of the awkward stuff.Engineering

In fact, when it comes to the crunch, very few logistics, haulage and freight forwarding companies actually do look after the awkward stuff.

That’s where TCB Group comes in.

TCB Group specialise in shipping of out of gauge and dangerous cargo and when TEREX needed to get that shipment to Australia, they made us their first port of call.

Weighing in at 1,400Kgs and almost 2meter sq, the flywheel was collected from Coalville UK, re-packed and dispatched for Australia, as easily and efficiently as shipping a standard-sized box.

That’s what we do – make the difficult look very easy.

For the last 13 years, TCB Group has been managing logistics of machines and spare parts for many of the leading global materials processing businesses. We work all shapes and sizes of cargo but are particularly adept at the out of gauge, dangerous and difficult stuff.

We specialise in the supply chain management and intermodal transport solutions for businesses within the engineering industry. Our experience in the management of road, sea and air freight means that we can create the optimum solution for your business needs.

If you think we can add value to your supply chain, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation here.