TCB Group in its early years had seen excellent growth in its customer base not only in the UK but also in Ireland. This presented itself with an ideal problem to have and with growth coming from the Republic of Ireland meant we had to expand. In 2015 around the same time the Liverpool office opened. TCB Group Dublin was established.

The office space used for TCB Group Dublin is Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Dublin. The TCB Group vision has always been customer focused and we are continually reviewing our processes to ensure that our customers benefit. Expansion into Dublin was key in ensuring our customers would still benefit from our full service provided across our UK and Singapore hubs.

With the Brexit transition finally being approved at the beginning of 2021 the Dublin office proved a huge benefit in remaining within the EU market. On top of that with our other UK offices meant we still had access to the UK market.

Even in turbulent times TCB Group are still committed to problem solving, managing and delivering positive outcomes for businesses and organisations globally. Our services in Dublin still remain the same providing first class freight management in consolidation and freight forwarding via air, road and sea. Warehousing and the transport of hazardous goods.

TCB Repatriation, TCB Group’s sister company is Ireland’s leading provider of repatriation services for human remains. This simply put is the transportation of an individual’s deceased body from where they unfortunately died to their home country.

With Dublin’s establishment 5+ years ago, TCB Group Dublin are now looking to the future. With our European network in place, we have the ability to deliver exceptional service for all movement of goods in and out of Dublin. Dublin is our hub spot for the EU market and also allows us to connect to Belfast and into the rest of the UK. TCB Group thrive on its ability to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes for businesses worldwide.

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