TCB Group’s partnership with the Singapore Red Cross is becoming more and more established through the Covid-19 pandemic. There is so much good work actioned throughout the Red Cross organisation serving the vulnerable in their local branches and internationally.

When crisis hits regardless if its famine, natural disaster or war the Red Cross steps in. We are so proud to be in partnership with the Singapore Red Cross and help them in their projects in Singapore and wider Asia.

We are so humbled by the support rallied in Singapore to help those in India still battling against Covid-19. This disease doesn’t target specific groups but just widely devastates anything in its path. The people in Singapore have come together and donated to help the people in India. As of today 27th May 2021, TCB Group Singapore have packed over 200,000 masks kindly donated and sent to help various communities through Delhi and beyond.

This coming together to support another country in its fight shows so much humanity from the Singapore population. TCB Group are privileged to help play our part in helping India overcome this wave of Covid-19.

The mission statement of Singapore Red Cross is ‘dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies.’

In the work being actioned by the Singapore Red Cross it is so evident to see they are upholding this mission statement to the letter.

In previous shipments we have worked with the Singapore Red Cross to deliver oxygen supplies and PPE to hospitals and communities safely and securely.

From our Singapore hub and wider network in Asia and globally we stand with India in their fight. As the cases in India are gradually coming down there are brighter days ahead for the country. Across the globe every country has suffered from this pandemic, leaving devastation in its wake. With every devastation there is a sense of human resilience and an attitude of coming out of it stronger. This pandemic is no different.