In a digital world the changes to the retail industry in the 21st Century are best explained through our own behaviours.

With over 80% of all access to the internet now via mobile phones, it is likely that you shop via your phone, use a search engine to compare costs and maybe visit a store to make the purchase.

What is more likely is a click through to Amazon or eBay to complete the final transaction for an expected next day delivery.

A proliferation of choice, technology and greater demands on your time means that you probably want the top class brand at a better price and of course, delivered yesterday.

Supply chain management through strategically positioned distribution centres (DCs) are becoming the new retail and wholesale route to market.

Suppliers are increasingly channelling goods through regional DCs and avoiding traditional market based distributors and retailers, answering the demands of the final user for cheaper goods, delivered quickly.

TCB Group has been pioneering this supply chain revolution for over 8 years in their Singapore, UK and Ireland hubs, enabling a their client base to manage stock holdings globally from their lap tops or hand held devices from anywhere across the world.

Singapore is one of the most important trading hubs in Asia-Pacific, connecting foreign companies doing business in regions with important markets like China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. TCB’s remote inventory platform in Singapore enables our clients to hold inventory closer to their customers, ensuring that they receive orders quickly and efficiently; levelling the playing field between them and their Asian based competitors.

Inventory visibility via our online client platform means that you always have visibility of current inventory, export orders, current pick progress and much more. Other niche services include:

Consignment stock management
Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
Consolidation services
It is important to remember that despite a world of change in the retail world, the customer still wants the best possible service.

We all do.

Everyone has a part to play in making that transactional experience memorable.

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