The Value of Visibility

From groceries to parcels, tracking packages has become a daily part of our lives. At TCB Group we realise the importance ovisibilityf not only getting this part of our business right but also taking it to the next step.

The TCB Group Tracking Management System (TMS) is specifically designed to enhance tracking management efficiency and shipment visibility for clients. It is a web based system which connects suppliers, end-users and the logistics company on one efficient platform, delivering up-to-date information at individual shipment level combined with shipment status.

Covering all types of shipments (FCL & LCL, Sea & Air), it comprises a full range of functionality including e-booking, documentation upload, booking management and shipment tracking.

• Simple and easy visibility
• Personalized login to maximise security
• Enables you to access, view and print shipping documentation, including Bills of Lading and Air Way Bills.
• Able to upload documentation and compile a document management file per shipment
• Provides easy access to Customs documentation, at shipment level and held as a permanent record

Fully capable of being integrated with our clients own resource planning system to minimise duplication, the TMS will auto-message updates of each shipment at departure, arrival and at any other junction during its transit.

It is often said that the more you know, the better prepared you are to tackle the hurdles that life throws in your way. TCB Group will ensure you know.

TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions.

Through a highly skilled and experienced team, we collaborate to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes for businesses and organisations throughout the world. Our experience means that we can create the optimum freight solution for your business to meet your needs.

Our contract is with customers. Listening and providing great services. For further details on TCB Group contact us here.