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We are an Independent freight forwarder. TCB Group have over 30 years experience in international and domestic freight solutions, specialising in air, road and sea.

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Dangerous Goods Shipping

Shipping dangerous goods is often a costly and complex process. Dangerous or hazardous goods can be thought of as anything which poses a risk to life, property, or the environment. Our services eliminate these risks.

At all stages, hazardous goods must be handled and processed with expert care and attention, including compliance with shipping regulations. This applies at the point of origin, in transit, and at the final destination point.

TCB Group is the only freight forwarding agent in Northern Ireland with the accreditations to transport and pack hazardous goods by air.

Barrels of dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods Shipping Labels and Classifications

Of course, there are numerous different kinds of hazardous goods. Each of these presents unique challenges for shipping and transportation. Under international regulations, the nine official classes are: 

  • Class One – Explosives, 
  • Class Two – Gases, 
  • Class Three – Flammable liquids,
  • Class Four – Flammable solids, spontaneous combustibles and ‘dangerous when wet’ goods.
  • Class Five – Oxidizers,
  • Class Six – Toxic or infectious substances,
  • Class Seven – Radioactive materials,
  • Class Eight – Corrosives,
  • Class Nine – Miscellaneous, including engines, first aid kits and dry ice, among others.

In the transportation of hazardous goods, the sender is responsible for classifying, packaging and marking the goods for transport. With this, compliance can also be very challenging.

Incorrect usage of hazardous goods can cause delays, additional costs, or even lost or confiscated items. Carriers will often refuse to handle incorrectly labelled dangerous goods, while national governments may even seize these or issue fines in certain circumstances.

These risks can be mitigated by working with an experienced transport consultant.

The first stage in packaging and shipping services is ensuring the correct classification and labelling of all goods. We’re committed to ensuring that all goods arrive on time and on budget.

Dangerous Goods Shipping and Packaging Services

TCB Group is proficient in meeting the needs of the sender and transporting these goods. Our shipping services include:

  • The administration paperwork, 
  • Packing,
  • Labelling of the goods,
  • Storage,
  • Organising goods transportation.

Dangerous goods shipping can be a very complicated process, as it is controlled and governed by a variety of agencies, governments and organisations. These bodies work at both a national and international level.

Naturally, this is a very difficult regulatory environment for non-specialists to navigate. 

As experts in shipping dangerous goods around the world, TCB Group have the knowledge and experience to ensure the smoothest possible transportation solutions, including shipping by road, sea and air.

Regulations also limit the modes of transport which can be used for different classes in different jurisdictions. Other regulations define the training and qualifications of staff packing the hazardous goods.

For example, the drivers transporting the goods need to have a certain level of training for how the goods should be handled in transit, to guarantee safety standards are maintained.

TCB Group has the knowledge and experience when it comes to packing and transporting hazardous goods to source appropriate personnel, plan the most effective routes, and deliver your goods safely and quickly.

We put our clients at the heart of our shipping processes. From initial consultation to final delivery, we use our unique knowledge and experience to create solutions which meet your business needs.

Speak to our team today to find out more about how we can assist in shipping dangerous and hazardous goods nationally and internationally.

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