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Simplifying Your Supply Chain

Are you searching for a reliable cargo shipping company that specialises in international shipping services tailored to the needs of wholesale and large manufacturing companies?

At TCB Group, we have over three decades of experience in pallet shipping and pallet delivery worldwide. Our international shipping services, including ocean shipping, are strategically designed to enhance your operations and save on costs.

Explore our comprehensive worldwide shipping solutions to find the perfect fit for your company.

Our International Shipping Services and Logistical Solutions

Sometimes the magic is in the mix – like with our intermodal freight transport solutions. Our international shipping service allows you to make use of a combination of transportation modes, such as by air, road, and sea. We can smoothly ship containers from one transportation mode to another, ensuring your cargo is delivered safely to its final destination.

Import And Export Goods

We excel at connecting your global business and efficiently transporting your cargo from its point of origin to its final destination. Whether it’s by air, road, or sea, our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring the perfect transportation solution that seamlessly integrates with your supply chain. We offer you a broad range of international freight shipping and integrated end-to-end services. We even take care of the administrative work related to managing your logistics, such as handling customs and managing storage of goods.

Combining Multiple Small Shipments

We expertly collect and consolidate smaller shipments destined for the same geographical region, creating a single, larger shipment that’s more economical and easier to manage. Whether you have a single pallet or multiple truckloads, let us handle the logistics of combining your less than truckload (LTL) and less than container load (LCL) freight into full shipments — you’ll enjoy reliable, on time, in-full delivery via air, sea, or land.

Logistics Consulting Services

International pallet shipping is easy with the right shipping partner. From our hubs in the UK, Ireland, Singapore and connections in North America, we offer freight consultancy services to clients around the world, ensuring all time zones are covered. We simplify shipping so you can reach new markets and take advantage of profitable new opportunities. This is just one way we add flexibility and intelligence to any supply chain.

Storing Your Pallets

With more than 30 years of experience in international and domestic freight solutions, we offer you unique solutions that optimise your logistics flow. Whether you just want to store a smaller number of pallets for a short time or set up a global warehousing concept, we are ready for the task. From planning routes to handling administrative work, we consult on all aspects of freight movement.

Transportation Of Hazardous Goods Worldwide

Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. TCB Group is an IATA Cargo Agent in the UK and Ireland, offering hazardous goods packing and transport for carriage by air. We are the only freight forwarding agent in Northern Ireland with the accreditations to transport and pack hazardous goods for air freight. With expertise in shipping dangerous goods around the world, TCB Group has the knowledge and experience to ensure the smoothest possible transportation solutions, by road, sea and air.

International Transfer Of Human Remains

We understand how difficult it is for families when a loved one dies while abroad, and that the logistics of transporting their remains can often be overwhelming. We offer assistance at this most urgent and difficult time through our most highly experienced team of experts in international repatriation. We work with funeral directors, insurance companies and international corporations (not directly with bereaved families) to ensure the safe and stress-free repatriation of human remains.


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