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We are an Independent freight forwarder. TCB Group have over 30 years experience in international and domestic freight solutions, specialising in air, road and sea.

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Consolidated Freight Services

Freight consolidation services are ideal for customers who want to transport smaller quantities of cargo. TCB Group offers freight consolidation services to eliminate the need to pay for Full Container Load (FCL) shipping, offering efficient and effective transportation for clients of all sizes.

With processing and distribution hubs in Liverpool, Belfast, Indianapolis and Singapore, we offer affordable and expedient consolidated freight services to clients around the globe.

What is Freight Consolidation?

Freight consolidation means packaging multiple items with a single destination together into one consignment. This allows senders of even small items to take advantage of bulk transportation rates, saving time and money.

Using a Less Than Container Load (LCL) model, we consolidate multiple individual consignments to fill containers. This is the most cost effective option for companies wishing only to send a number of pallets or boxes.

Benefits of Freight Consolidation

Clients choose freight consolidation (LCL) for its reduced costs, improved operations, and better flexibility. By consolidating shipments and sharing containers, the cost is spread and you only pay for the share of the container you use.

Freight consolidation or LCL services provide clients with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable method of transportation.

Shipping goods by consolidated freight also allows you to optimise your supply chains. Having the ability to quickly and cheaply transport small volumes of goods allows you to provide a faster and more reliable service for your customers and partners.

Our Consolidated Shipping Services

All individual consignments are delivered to and processed in our global hubs in Liverpool, Belfast, Indianapolis or Singapore. This allows us to choose the exact right container for each consignment.

They are then organised and packaged onto the appropriate container, with a full manifest to ensure proper oversight and safety of all consolidated shipments. We take pride in safely handling and securely loading all consolidated items, avoiding the risk of damage or loss.

Every consolidated shipment is sealed until it is opened by our receiving agent at the port of destination. These individual consignments are then unloaded and checked against the manifest prior to its final delivery.

Onward Shipment for Consolidated Shipments

A distribution network within the country is used to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your goods from port to destination. We offer a range of onward freight forwarding services for all freight consolidation services.

We work with each individual client to design the ideal onward shipping solution, by road, sea and air. At TCB Group, we are experts at finding the most efficient and cost effective onwards shipping solutions to bring all consolidated shipments to their final destination.

Speak to the TCB Group team today to discuss your needs for freight consolidation shipping, to determine the best solution for your business and your customers.

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